Monday, June 8, 2009

And The Year Wraps

On the last day of school, we waved goodbye to our precious children and bid them a safe, restful, and joyful summer break. Then, the Learning Leaders of Chets Creek Elementary embarked on an adventure of their own. This year's ending adventure took us to the beautiful and historic Epping Forest Yacht Club nestled on our city's riverfront beneath towering live oaks. We began our celebration with a delicious luncheon as we chatted, laughed, and shared stories with our CCE family. Desert was served and our principal, Susan Phillips, proceeded to the podium.
Susan welcomed us and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for our hard work and dedication as we journeyed Around the World in 180 Days this year. Next, she read letters written to her from parents about their children's teachers. There wasn't a dry eye in the club as the heartfelt inspiring letters were read of gratefulness, obstacles overcome, goals achieved, and great strides in progress. Simply put, words written from parents who feel greatly indebted because their children are forever changed by the imprint of an extraordinary teacher.

After we dried our tears, Susan began the awards portion of our celebration. She publicly recognized our faithful and dedicated PTA President, SAC Chair, Teacher of the Year, and Employee of the Year. We applauded the newly donned Nationally Board Certified Teachers, and penned our beginning teachers for a first year well done. Susan awarded teachers who went over and above, implemented new learning, lead others in growing professionally, and served humbly and behind the scenes. Our team award then went to our Foundations Team this year for implementing a Bully Buster program that is second to none.

Our theme, Around the World in 180 Days...Our Virtual Learning Adventure, wrapped with a slide show highlighting the year's events and traditions. And then with baited breath, we waited for our next tradition-the unveiling of next year's theme! And the movie rolled...