Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arts Extravaganza

Walking into our front lobby you can feel a school that has come alive! It's Arts Extravaganza week, one of my favorite times of the whole school year. Our nearly 1,300 children have created beautiful artwork that adorns our hallway walls and their framed work hangs on display in the lobby ready for sale to their parents during our two night Art Show.

The Cultural Arts Committee, led by master art teacher, Jennifer Snead, has put together an incredible week for students that is highlighted each morning with an assembly. Students have been drawn in by a puppeteer, dance and music ensemble, storyteller, Bluegrass performance, and Jacksonville Symphony drummers.

In addition, Arts Extravaganza Baskets assembled by our Room Moms and teachers are on display in the front lobby to be auctioned off Friday evening with funds going to the PTA to support next year's Arts Week.

As the culminating activity on Friday evening, Arts Extravaganza Family Night is hosted by our Cultural Arts Team and PTA. Throughout the lobby and Dining Room children will find artists and musicians displaying their talents, and art stations are set up for students to produce their own small treasures. I don't know of any school that celebrates the arts quite like ours, and I am ecstatic that our students have this enriching experience.