Sunday, October 28, 2007

Give me a... C-H-E-E-R-L-E-A-D-E-R

Cheerleaders are enthusiastic and vocal supporters. Their positive comments can inspire someone to go above and beyond and they always make it a point to applaud excellence. You won't find this term listed in my roles and responsibilities as a coach, but it is certainly something I take very seriously.

We all know those people we want to spend the most time around. Those that always have a sweet smile, positive word, and glass is half full outlook on life. I was not born with this optimistic carefree personality but I work to remember what it feels like to be around individuals with this gift.

I make it a point to cheer on a teacher whenever I can. Some of my cheering is embedded in casual conversation, some typed in an unexpected email, and some as I pen a hand written note on a Positive Postcard each week. There is no special occasion, no fan fare, just a pat on the back that says-- Dear Christy,

I thoroughly enjoyed watching you videostream your Writing lesson for Literacy 101. Each time I watch a lesson in your room, I stand in awe at your thoughtful and well planned lessons, your engaging delivery, and your focused closing sessions. Your students' writing shows incredible depth for fourth graders. You fuel my passion for our craft. Thank you for being you.

From me, this is not just fluff and stuff. These are genuine accolades that show evidence that I care about teachers and appreciate all they do to educate our children.I'm not the only one with this outpouring of support. In fact, at Chets each Wednesday a Positive Postcard with postage is placed in every teacher's box. Each teacher takes the opportunity to pen a positive note to a student, parent, or colleague. Then, they drop the postcard in the Principal's mailbox and she reads the note before mailing it off. What a great way for her to hear an outpouring of all the exceptional things happening in her school each week, and what a positive culture of compliments we are all share. If you don't have this same tradition, it is certainly worth pursuing.

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dayle said...

What a great idea for a post. We so take Positive Postcards for granted and yet they are such a part of the positive culture at our school. Thanks for the reminder of how powerful they are!