Saturday, November 3, 2007

Find of the Week

One role in coaching is as a resource provider. Coaches expand teachers' use of a variety of resources to improve instruction. They are avid readers of professional literature, surfers of the web, scouts of educational conferences, connoisseurs of children's literature, and great collegial conversationalists. They are constantly in search of new ideas to improve student achievement.

The only thing better than a coach with a great new resource is a self-directed teacher who has spent hours delving into books and searching the web for a great idea. Who hits a gold mine and immediately alerts her whole team that this great tool exists. This week's find of the week comes from a 2nd grade teacher, Eyleen. If you are in search of Readers' or Writers' Workshop Lesson Plans written using the architecture of a mini-lesson then you'll love this Denver Ed. website. Enjoy...

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