Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Common Diagnostic Assessment and Analysis

Three times a year, we give a diagnostic assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics to each student at CCE. The reading and math assessment written by a team of dedicated coaches and teachers is directly aligned with our state standards and includes at least one question pertaining to each standard. The assessment is meant to be a cumulative assessment of all content to be learned by a student in their specific grade level.

The assessment is given at the beginning, middle, and end of the year and tracks student progress over the course of the year. We report individual student data to parents. In addition, we compile the data by classroom and grade level to assess how equitable teaching is across a grade level and subject area. If one teacher shows tremendous growth in a specific area, we tap on their knowledge to share best practices in that area across the grade level. The teacher may present at a Teacher Meeting or invite colleagues into their classroom to observe instruction. Teachers use the diagnostic data to prescribe whole group, small group, and individual instruction, as well as make intervention decisions and professional development plans by subject area and teacher.

After teachers grade the assessments, they transfer the information onto individual student profiles and put the information into an EXCEL Spreadsheet. This allows them the capability to sort and report the data in order to quickly identify instructional concepts and skills students need within small group settings. They electronically pass the EXCEL Spreadsheet to their coach and the coach compiles the data into an Overall Grade Level Spreadsheet. The coach sorts and reports the data to get a grade level average, identify the lowest 25% of students, and sort averages for special education, regular education and gifted education students. Analyzing subgroups also assists the teachers in coaches in making data driven decisions including which safety net intervention programs we need to offer along with our regular core curriculum.

Diagnostic data is the cornerstone of our work here at The Creek along with on-going formative common assessments.

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