Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Fifth Grade Clap Out

The last day of school can bring with it much laughter and many tears. As students depart for the summer, some do so with an attitude of relief to have the summer to relax and enjoy the freedom, knowing full well that they will return to their school home in the fall ready to get back to work. And, some do so with a heavy heart because they are leaving us for other destinations-other schools, other states, and for 5th graders--middle school.

So as tradition holds, we say farewell to those who are leaving us, wishing them well, and praying that the lessons we've taught them will be far outreaching. That their lives are better because they have joined us for this season, and because of us, they leave prepared to conquer their next quest.

To fully honor those 5th graders departing from our community, we hold the annual Chets Creek Clap Out. Approximately 15 minutes before the rest of the school is dismissed, fifth graders pack up for the last time and graciously hug their teachers and classmates, they leave the room together in one long line. The rest of the school's students have gathered along the hallways outside their classrooms to "clap out" the 5th graders. The song "Pomp and Circumstance" plays over the sound system, adn the 5th grade students, led by Principal Phillips, walks each hallway one last time as they are applauded by our community. The parade of honor and farewell ends in the front lobby full of confetti to outstretched parent arms and many tears. We honor our graduating students and wish them well as this chapter of their lives closes and the next chapter begins.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to HONOR the 5th graders for what they have brought to your community and to show respect for them as learners and people. What a memory the kids must have of making that last walk as they transition from elementary ( childhood) to middle school (adolescent)... so much more representative of six years of hard work..rather than a wave and a "goodbye--have fun in middle school!" Thank you!!