Saturday, November 8, 2008

EDC Math Videotapes Grade 3 & Grade 1

Every Day Counts® Calendar Math is a supplementary curriculum tool that we use in addition to our core curriculum TERC Math Investigations. These two programs fit nicely together to form our 75 minute math block. Every Day Counts Calendar Math reviews, previews, and reinforces NCTM grade level standards.

As a source of professional development within our school, CCE teachers have graciously agreed to be videotaped to share their instructional practices with others. The Every Day Counts Calendar Math lesson plans are read and implemented by each of our teachers, but implementation may look slightly different in each classroom. Therefore, the videotaping of lessons each month assists all of our teachers in reflection of their own practices, and allows them to virtually visit one another's classrooms.

To watch Ashley Russell's 3rd grade EDC Calendar Math, click here.

1st grade - Calendar Math 10-08 from Melanie Holtsman on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVE this! I teach first (two way Span/Eng immersion) at a workshop school. We are still feeling are way (as far as going above and beyond ELA) and have really jumped in this year! My team is trying to refine our math workshop, and we also use EDC. Loved this example; it's fabulous!

I would love to see a video that shows how you transition into the rest of your curriculum. We're trying to figure out exactly where investigations fit in (although we do not have terc in our district).

Anyways, great work! I'll be back to soak up more of this fabulousness!

dallas, tx