Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the Season

In this season of holiday celebration, as I wandered from classroom to classroom, it was inspiring to see students truly enjoying themselves. The teachers of CCE, to build long lasting memories for children, celebrated traditions with their students including putting on musicals, creating ornaments, reading holiday books, having feasts, writing holiday cards, and playing games. The principal, or should I say Auntie Claus, even captivated audiences as she read aloud to all 1,250 students and served milk and cookies. The Creek overflowed with warmth, and the atmosphere was so magical for children and adults alike. I'm sure this is not an uncommon climate in December in many elementary schools, but what I think is quite unique is the level of enthusiasm and pure joy of the adult learning leaders at CCE.

December ushered in many of our annual traditions for the adults including our faculty Christmas party, the 12 days of cookies and homemade goodies, the faculty breakfast, Secret Santa exchange, and grade level staff celebrations. Those times of fellowship were just as special this year. I think because our staff truly enjoys each other's company. And, sprinkled amongst these annual traditions where impromptu times of laughter when teachers simply acted more like children than adults. It is rumored that the PE coach rivaled the children's enthusiasm with a ho ho ho ride through the hallways on a flat bed.

Don't get me wrong, by the end of the day Friday, I saw more than one exhausted teacher inching their way toward freedom, but the sheer exhaustion came from the diligent energy put forth to make this season a magical one for children. I am honored and blessed to be following my passion in this great community where we value and nurture the relationships with our students, parents, community stakeholders, and colleagues. I really couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

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