Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grade 2 Focus Walk

Early in December, our Grade 2 ELA team spent a day together planning for an upcoming non-fiction reading and writing unit. They analyzed the standards, wrote lessons, and discussed expectations. Today, I strolled through Grade 2 on an informal focus walk to see the non-fiction work that is unfolding.

In one classroom, students were surrounded by non-fiction books on their self-selected topics reading, taking notes, and discussing with peers their new learning. One student was using his K-W-L chart, from a previous lesson, as a reference, looking up the answers to his questions, and copying down his new learning. You could tell that students were thoroughly engaged and excited about this new learning adventure.

In another classroom, the teacher was conducting a Guided Reading group using a non-fiction text while the rest of the students were independently reading in their reading nooks. Strolling through the third classroom, I saw students meeting during the mini-lesson as the teacher modeled for them how to use their schema to approach a topic. She then modeled how to use a graphic organizer to record your schema, then read a text on your topic, and finally fill in your new learning. At a later point in my walk, I observed students in one classroom taking a non-fiction reading assessment. All in all, a clear picture emerged that this unit has gotten off to a good start.
I can't wait to revisit these same rooms a couple of weeks from now to see the progress they will have made. Happy learning to the little researchers and notetakers!


dayle timmons said...

It's always good to see the evidence that time given to professional development has changed practice!

Denise Evanko said...

Having those TDE days were such a great way to make sure we are doing everything we can for our kids. It was so nice to collaborate with others on this unit. Always growing and learning new techniques for teaching!