Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dreaming is the Beginning

In our ten journey as a learning community thousands have visited. Most offer compliments, but for one reason or another, some feel that what is built here cannot be replicated in their own schools. When I hear this undertone, I swiftly intercede. I remind them of our data story. We started a decade ago with only 21% of our students achieving the standard in mathematics, and 54% in reading. We left nearly every student behind in math and half of all students behind in reading. This certainly is the same place that some others may have to start if they want to replicate some of the best practices. But, it is worth it, and it can be done.

What we’ve built hasn’t been easy. Where did we start? We started dreaming, dreaming of a school where success was for every student, where learning leaders would never underestimate what students could do. We took charge, allowed our mind to envision possibilities rather than getting hung up on the obstacles. At first, our dreams did seem improbable even impossible, but as we worked hard and set wildly high expectations, our dreams became a reality. So, when asked, “Where did you start?” I reply, “We dreamed.”


dayle said...

Wow - wow - wow! I have always been moved by music (not the apple bottom jeans type!) and this brought me to tears. Wouldn't it be wonderful to make this the beginning of a Teacher Meeting and then just simply let teachers share their professional - and even personal - dreams? There really is power in dreams. I think just saying your dreams out loud makes them feel possible.

Mrs.Mallon said...

What a fantastic and uplifting video. It is inspirational and one that I will visit often. Thank you for sharing this and reminding us of the power of a dream. It is wonderful!!!