Thursday, February 14, 2008

Virtual Tour of Chets Creek Elementary

At Chets, one of my roles as the instructional coach is to host visitors. Visitor groups tend to include a mix of teachers, administrators, coaches, business leaders, school board members, and/or parents. They come from near and far. In fact, this year the majority have come from distant states including Texas and Arkansas. One visitor this year even came from China!

I enjoy hosting visitor groups and sharing our learning journey. The experience gives me the opportuntity to articulate our work, reflect on our practice, visit an assortment of classrooms in a focus walk, and answer visitor questions. The part of the day I most anticipate is lunch. No, not just because I love food, but because this is a time that the group relaxes and we enjoy good conversation. These are the times that I listen carefully, because often times they offer unique suggestions that can make our work even better. And, we are always embracing new ideas.

Of course, nothing is quite as good as an actual visit, but if you haven't had the opportunity, you may enjoy this virtual tour of our school hosted by Principal Susan Phillips. In a particular part of the movie, Susan invites you into a kindergarten classroom--that is not yet loaded into the movie. During an America's Choice Conference presentation when Susan got to this point in the movie, Mrs. Mallon's Kindergarten classroom videostreamed a live Writers' Workshop lesson from Jacksonville, Florida to Hollywood, California. The experience was inspiring! As soon as we (or should I say Melanie and Eric) figure out how to get it on, I'll be posting the taped version of the live lesson. Stay Tuned... And, enjoy your virtual visit to Chets Creek Elementary!

Compliments to the movie creators: Melanie Holtsman and Eric Blair.

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dayle said...

This video is goingto be such an excellent piece for our visistors. Maybe you can serve popcorn too! dayle