Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FCAT Formal 5

Next week, our CCE students will take their state standardized assessments in Reading, Math, and Science. They will be graded on a scale of Level 1 through Level 5. To earn a Level 5, they literally can miss only a few problems on the whole assessment. I think you will agree that this is quite a feat. To honor their hard work and recognize their accomplishments, we hold an annual FCAT Formal 5.

Last Friday evening, Formal 5 inductees dressed in their Sunday best and escorted by their parents, attended this recognition ceremony. Principal Susan Phillips greeted the inductees at the door, as teacher volunteers signed students in and had them pose for their glamour shots. The 166 inductees eagerly greeted their friends, received a program, and took their seats in preparation for the celebration to begin.

Principal Phillips took the stage to welcome students and guest speakers, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lankford. The former Miami Dolphin defensive back and former Miami Dolphin cheerleader spoke about their experiences in the NFL and urged students to set goals, work hard to achieve their goals, and to never never give up. Mr. and Mrs. Lankford also applauded students for their accomplishment of scoring a Level 5 on last year's assessment.

The celebration continued as students paraded onto the stage to receive their awards, and then afterward, Principal Phillips called for an unveiling of the FCAT Formal Five tile wall. Students and parents emerged to take pictures of their student's tile that now has a permanent place as a chair rail on our dining room wall. Lastly, the deserts were served and DJ turned on the tunes, as students, parents, and teachers alike (lead by Principal Phillips of course) danced the night away. What a great way to celebrate our students' success. I know this is night they'll never forget.

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Our Family said...

What a wonderful idea! When talking to others I always say that I work at Chets Creek vicariously through your blog. I would love to be apart of the Chets Creek family. Too bad I live in SC. Keep up the good work!