Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grade 1 Skills Block

At CCE, the Kindergarten and First Grade 2 1/2 hour uninterrupted literacy block consists of a 30 minute Skills Block, a one hour Readers' Workshop, and a one hour Writers' Workshop. The Skills Block is comprised of three to six fast paced activities focusing on phonemic awareness and phonics.

Co-teachers Maria Mallon and Cheryl Dillard, known affectionately as the Mallards, begin each morning with their "Class Promise", letter combinations, morning message, and skills practice. You will notice as you watch this video that the rituals and routines are firmly established and students move with ease from one activity to the next. Though the rituals and routines remain the same, the focused activities change throughout the year to meet the needs of their students. I hope you are delighted by this glimpse into their classroom because they really are a dynamic duo.

1st Grade Skills Block 12-08 Mallon and Dillard from Melanie Holtsman on Vimeo.

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Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

Thank you Suzanne. Skills Block is our favorite time of the day. This is the time when children will learn and/or practice punctuation, capitalization, letter combinations, etc. and use these skills in Reader's and Writer's Workshops. Then we pepper in a new skill or two to keep the learning moving. We also have some singing and dancing that we do...we'll surprise you one day!MM