Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Learning Journey

After much time and consideration during the last year, I've made the decision to return to my roots and head back into the classroom. I couldn't be more excited. Over the past decade, other than a short one year hiatus to another state, I've been dedicated to moving curriculum and instruction forward in our elementary school as the Instructional Coach. And, though I've enjoyed every moment, I'm overjoyed to embark on a new opportunity.

This year's learning journey will have me teaching in a third grade departmentalized co-teach setting. Miss Russell and I will share a classroom and have a group of 36 learners in the morning and a different group of 36 learners in the afternoon. We will teach Math, Science, and Social Studies.

My partners and I, known this year as Solr Power due to our superheroes-Empowering the Future- theme, will have a classroom blog dedicated to communicating with our parents and students. However, most likely, some of my thoughts will end up here, as they won't be relevant to the other blog's purpose. Stay tuned as the new journey begins...


Susan said...

I wish the best for you and look forward to following your classroom blog and this one as well.
Have a great year!

Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Suzanne - welcome back to the classroom!! You are such a gift to our school and you will shine regardless of your location or instructional assignment.

Are you still our PDF???