Saturday, August 20, 2011


Last week, just days before the teachers returned to work, students received a postcard in the mail from Mrs. Phillips announcing their homeroom teacher. Children and their parents eager to meet the new teacher, joined us for an  Orientation on Friday before the new school year begins.

You know what they say, "You only have one time to make a good first impression."  So, teachers take great care in the way they set up their classrooms, dress for success, and display personal touches of love. What parents mostly want to know is if the teacher is nice and if their children will be loved during this 180 day learning journey.  

To prepare, Ashley and I set out Orientation packets and made Batman Cookie Medals for the kids.  We set up a back table for easy sign in, pulled out chairs, and had a established place for them to unpack the their child's school supplies. We made sure each student's desk was already labeled with their name so they would know exactly where to sit when they entered the room on the first day of school. We organized our thoughts on a themed PowerPoint to use after we welcomed parents to highlight some main points.  But, mostly what we did was make them feel welcomed, loved, and excited to return on Monday. We can't wait for the learning adventure to begin. Stay tuned...

Desks are set up and ready for Orientation.

Lovingly made themed cookie medals send the message to children that we care about them.

Sign in table, volunteer sign up, and wish list items on stars make it an easy one stop shop.

Creating a place for school supplies helps relieve stress and congestion, and makes for easier put away when Orientation wraps up. 


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