Monday, August 27, 2012

Group Jobs

To facilitate classroom movement and efficiency during small group work, and to grow independent learners, we have group jobs in our third grade classroom. We have four jobs because four students sit at each table group, giving each student a participatory role. Jobs include Materials Gatherer, Team Captain, Procedures Expert, and Materials Returner. 


You'll notice the colored dot in front of each job on the Group Jobs bulletin board. This laminated colored dot is pinned to the board so we can swap jobs often by simply moving the colored dot to a different job role. One day a green dot may mean the student is the Team Captain and the next day, the green dot may mean that the student is the Procedures Expert. On each student's desk, we have a colored dot. On the student's name tag in the picture, you'll see that the student has a yellow dot. The job role for the day for that student is Materials Returner. 


On our side counter, we have twelve trays set up. The teacher places the day's materials, handouts etc... on each of the trays. The Materials Gatherer picks up the tray and takes it back to the table before we start a task. The Team Captain makes sure that the group is working together on the task and that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the groups conversation and task. The Procedures Expert reads lab procedures, moves the group toward the goal, and asks the teacher a question if the group gets confused. When the task is complete, the Materials Returner is responsible to ensure the area is clean and the tray is returned to the correct table group side tray. 


We've loved this classroom organizational tool because it saves valuable instructional time and gives everyone purpose during each task. If you try it, we hope you love it, too!


Anonymous said...

I love your setup. It makes so much sense! Where did you find the stacking trays?

Suzanne said...

They are called shelf dividers, I think, and can be found in Target next to the hangers.

Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Suzanne, is your kitchen this organized? The entire world could learn from you!

Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Suzanne, is your kitchen this organized??? The entire world can learn from you!! Awesome!!

film said...

I agree with anonymous. your set up looks very organised. I recently thought of getting stacking trays but now i am convinced I should.