Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recipe for Success... Our Theme!

With each new school year, comes a new theme meant to capture the essence of where we are at that point in time and where we are headed next. The new theme is unveiled by our principal on the last day of the school year at our teacher luncheon. In anticipation, teachers wait for the announcement because the creative theme ideas and shopping begin. 

The theme is woven into the whole year from school and classroom decor, to newsletters, to special events. It's truly embraced and becomes a year long endeavor, and the icing on the cake comes when you see the children's faces light up when they enter the learning community.

The 2012-2013 theme is We have the Recipe for Success!  You can see from our classroom pictures that we've woven the theme into much of the classroom. Special thanks to a fabulous volunteer and my co-teacher, Ashley Russell. 

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dayle timmons said...

Your room looks FANTASTIC!