Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome Back "Home" to Meet Your Teachers

I stood on the landing of the second floor overlooking our school's lobby for a few precious minutes during our Orientation. It's a great place to experience the energy of our learning community and see the enthusiasm on the children's faces as they first walk through the doors and absorb the the magical place that has been created for them.  

Ordinarily, I miss this special opportunity to stop and pay close attention. I'm too busy greeting families at the door, pointing students to their new classrooms, and looking up homerooms for students who didn't receive their postcard in the mail. However, on this day, I simply stopped to take the time.

This quick reflection reaffirmed the reason we do this. The reason we go the extra mile. The reason we sometimes work on weekends and stay up late on weeknights. The reason we plan for every detail. We create the learning community we want for our own children and in turn everyone benefits- the students, their families, our faculty. I can already tell that the yellow brick road leads to great heart, courage, and wisdom this school year. There's No Place Like Home...

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